Start Fresh With Your Pet's Food Bowl

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Start Fresh With Your Pet's Food Bowl

The start of a new year is a great time to think about eating a healthier diet - and that goes for your dog or cat too. 

You can start where you are in your feeding journey and by making small changes in what you feed you can make big changes in your pet's health.


We have so many options for you to choose from to make fresher easier, and it doesn't take much. Rotating through different fresh toppers provides the diversity that's so important for good health, especially when it comes to the microbiome.


Bone Broth is a great way to get started, especially if you feed dry food. Dogs and cats love it, and it provides so much more than just moisture. 


You can add a spoonful of fresh veggies or fruit to add antioxidants and prebiotic fiber. Rotating daily with what you have in your fridge is the DIY way, or you can buy Green Juju veggie toppers and increase the diversity with ease (they're already ground up for you to optimize digestibility).


We work with wonderful companies to supply our customers with top-notch whole-food supplements for even more benefits. With each company doing something a little different you can work through the options over the course of the year to provide everyday nutrition for your pet's peak health.


Kibble Fixer for dogs is a great start; it provides enzymes and probiotics along with highly nutritious plant foods, with some beef liver to make sure your pup loves it as they expand their new taste horizons.

Nupro Health Nuggets for Cats comes in a format that can satisfy the diehard dry food cats who have to have crunch, or add a little water to create a tasty gravy for the wet food fans.


With other options created by herbalists from Sustenance Herbs and Herbal Energetics, as well as mushrooms formulas from Ziggy Marley Apawthecary, there's no reason your pet has to get bored. 


If it's more meat you're after you can choose from freeze-dried or frozen, both lightly cooked or raw. Dogs and cats need meat, and if you're feeding dry food they need more than what's in the kibble. Mixing and matching for variety is easy, and shelf-stable freeze-dried foods can go straight from the cupboard to the bowl. 


Our Pet Health Guides can help you along the way to build a better bowl, help your cat learn to love new foods, and convince the pickiest pet to enjoy these new additions. 



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