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Head-Off Spring Skin Problems Before They Start

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Head-Off Spring Skin Problems Before They Start

If your pet suffers from skin outbreaks every Spring learn more about preventing them and what natural products will really help.

Hot spots and rashes don't just happen. They are the final symptom that indicates an internal imbalance in your pet's health. The good news is that you can limit and prevent these issues using herbs. 


Improving the function of the liver, kidneys, and immune system will reduce outer symptoms. Unfortunately, many of the pharmaceutical medicines prescribed to suppress symptoms are dangerous for those body systems. Creating a healthier ecosystem within the body will have long-lasting results and improve your pet's health instead of risking it.


Starting these herbal formulas before your pet's symptoms appear is ideal; it's always easier to prevent problems and set your pet up for better health. 


"Love Your Liver" is one of the first things that herbalists learn because of its importance in the healthy function of the body. We carry several products that can help with that, they even have their own category in our online store. These herbal formulas are designed to help the body's own detox system function at its best.


Animal Essentials Detox Blend is gentle enough for just about any dog or cat, and can be used for several weeks or months as needed. 


Some formulas are stronger and meant to be used for a limited time, but can be game-changers for pets who need help fast. Sustenance Herbs Detox/Liver Cleanse and Four Leaf Rover Liver/Kidney Clean fall under this category, each being used for a couple of weeks at a time to help a body reset. 


For very compromised pets we recommend Herbsmith Milk Thistle Seed powder because it is highly supportive of the liver without stimulating the body too much.  


If symptoms are already happening, your pet is scratching and has irritated skin and even hot spots, we have seen the best results with the Gold Standard Herbs Cessorex. This formula is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and helps reduce symptoms by helping the body function better, not by suppressing and damaging the body. It starts to work quickly, can be used long-term, and can safely be combined with other supplements and medications. 


All of these remedies will provide better results if the diet is helping, rather than harming. Highly processed dry food diets are not beneficial. Feeding a fresh food diet as much as possible will help the body function better, which will lead to better outcomes. 


Acess all the products mentioned, including our free Pet Health Guide on Seasonal Allergies.


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