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Could Your Pet Be Malnourished?

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Could Your Pet Be Malnourished?

Did you know that "complete and balanced" pet foods are formulated for "more active" pets? You should check to see if your dog qualifies.

When you look at the food package to see how much you should feed, the dog they've formulated their food to support, the "more active" dog, is doing high-impact exercise for 1-3 hours a day. "High impact" means playing fetch, playing with other dogs, swimming, or doing agility or other sports... for 1-3 hours a day.  This definition is just one of seven that are used to categorize the caloric and nutrient needs of dogs.


Let's be honest, many of our pets are only getting a mild walk daily, and some less than that.


If your dog gets less than the "more active" level of exercise, and you feed them the recommended amount, they might become overweight, and while it seems harmless to just reduce the amount of food to take care of that problem, your pet could eventually end up with health problems simply due to inadequate nutrition.


You see, the food is not only calculated for calories but also for the specific nutrient levels needed to support that size of dog.


If you routinely feed less than the amount recommended on the package for your dog's weight, we recommend adding supplemental nutrition to your dog's meals.


We're always happy to see fresh foods added to processed food diets, but in this situation, you'll also want to include a natural "multi-vitamin," and that is easy to do with Herbsmith Nutrients.


Created by an integrative veterinarian, Herbsmith Nutrients can help fill in the gaps and ensure that your pet is getting what they need to thrive. It's designed to be added to complete and balanced commercial diets, so you don't have to worry that you're overdoing something. Plus it has a great flavor with the inclusion of turkey and other tasty whole foods.



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