Are You Afraid To Change Your Dog's Food?

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Are You Afraid To Change Your Dog's Food?

Does your dog get an upset tummy any time they eat something new? Don't let this symptom cause you to fear change, we can offer a solution.

Are you afraid to give your dog a handout from the kitchen? Do you stick with the same food year in and year out, and panic if you can't get it?


A healthy dog should be able to eat a wide variety of foods with no problem, so the symptom you are seeing is worth trying to solve. Feeding a restricted diet can have negative consequences in the long run, and leave your pet without access to new and healthy foods. 


Adoptrex is an herbal formula based on Traditional Chinese Medicine that is meant for dogs like this. 


It can resolve longstanding problems with diet changes, as well as support dogs with chronic pancreatitis. 


Adding Adoptrex to the diet for a week or two before changing to a new food can work wonders, reducing or even eliminating diarrhea and vomiting that occurred in the past when transitioning your pet to a new diet. 


It can also be given to dogs long-term to help prevent flare-ups of pancreatitis without compromising their health. 


It's worth a try for your peace of mind and the joy your dog will feel eating foods they love.


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