Help Your Dog Avoid The New Respiratory Disease

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Help Your Dog Avoid The New Respiratory Disease

What can you feed your pet to keep them healthy and protect them against this new disease?


Holistic veterinarians agree that prevention through a healthy diet and supplement program is key.


Even a dog that looks healthy on the outside might need some boosting, so learning to "build a better bowl"  to include fresh foods is the foundation. If it is financially out of reach to feed a balanced 100% fresh diet you should know that even 25% fresh food has been shown to improve health in significant ways. Our handout shows you how.


Best Supplements for Supporting the Immune System

If you can only choose one, choose Medicinal Mushrooms. The best mushroom formulas for respiratory illness include Cordyceps mushroom, like Mushroom Defense (liquid) and Seven 'Shrooms (powder). If you look carefully at other products you might be surprised where you'll find Cordyceps, like Romeo's Agility Powder which includes mushrooms and antioxidant-rich plants.


Antioxidants and polyphenols are plant foods that are crucial for cellular health. Red Rover makes it easy to ensure your pet is getting enough of these, especially if you're mainly feeding a cooked diet.


Colostrum powder provides direct immune-enhancing benefits and is especially important for pets who already have gut-related issues. 


If your pet needs extra protection against pathogens Super Immune is a good choice to add-on to these other recommendations because it contains Olive Leaf, a powerful antimicrobial. 


Don't panic and get vaccinations for things like Kennel Cough or Flu, they won't protect against this new pathogen. Being sensible with things like avoiding shared water bowls in public is more useful, especially when combined with a healthy diet that includes these natural superfoods. 

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