Alternatives to Prescription Pet Diets

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Alternatives to Prescription Pet Diets

See why these alternatives to mainstream prescription pet foods will give you peace of mind.

Some pets go through a health crisis that requires a closely controlled diet as part of their care. This was the original reason that prescription pet diets, such as those from Hill's, Royal Canin, and Purina, were created.


However, those companies are owned by multinational corporations where profits are more important than pet health. The result is that these diets are made with low-quality ingredients while being sold for high prices.


What are some of the top ingredients in prescription diets from Hill's, Purina, & Royal Canin?


Corn Starch
Powdered Cellulose (aka sawdust)
Brewers Rice
Corn Gluten Meal
Chicken By-Product Meal


You won't find any of those in foods sold at Dexter's Deli!


Fortunately, there are alternatives to these diets that can provide peace of mind and better nutrition.


Veterinarian Formulated Solutions for dogs from SquarePet are a great way to transition away from typical prescription diets. They are designed to follow the same common guidelines while providing enhanced nutrition through quality ingredients.


SquarePet offers formulas for chronic kidney disease, food allergies, sensitive digestion, pancreatitis, and joint support. You can make a one-to-one comparison and the recipe that matches your dog's current diet.


Meat is always the first ingredient, and recipes are kept simple. Compare the ingredients and you'll clearly see why you should make the change for your pet.



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