Add This To Boost Your Pet's Health Naturally

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Add This To Boost Your Pet's Health Naturally

Looking for ways to boost your pet's health naturally? Confused by all the options? We've got an Herbal Pet Boost for you and it has all you need to support your pet's optimal health.

We are learning more every day about the importance of preventative health care. The good news is you can do a lot for your pets by adding natural herbal supplements to their meals. 

It can be confusing to browse store shelves and the internet, wondering if what a brand is claiming is true, and also wondering about what all the ingredients are really there for. 


Even if your pet's veterinarian tells you there's nothing wrong, there's a lot that standard blood tests just won't catch early on, before your pet is truly unwell. And preventing illness sounds great, doesn't it? This becomes especially important as your pet reaches middle age, and concerns about cancer, kidney disease, and heart disease begin to grow.


If you want longevity and optimal health for your dog or cat, don't wait for something to go wrong, start early with plant-based support.


This is why we champion herbal formulas created by experienced herbalists.

They know what works well together, what's safe and beneficial for long-term use, and how best to balance the ingredients for optimal support of the whole body - organ systems, circulatory systems, detoxification systems, and the all-important immune system.


This is why we recommend

Herbal Energetics Herbal Pet Boost.

Let's look at the ingredients:

Kelp & Alfalfa are complementary sources of vitamins and trace minerals.

Rose Hips provide Vitamin C and flavanoids like querceten.

Astragalus root, Cat’s Claw, Japanese Knotweed (a source of Resveratrol), and Pau D’Arco are all important immune system enhancers.

Milk Thistle Seed, Burdock Root, and Dandelion Root all support liver function and the body's ability to get rid of toxins.

Chickweed and Dandelion Leaf are not only highly nutritious they are also mildly diuretic which benefits the kidneys and bladder.

Hawthorn Berries support a healthy heart and circulatory system.

Lecithin supports the brain, heart, and liver.

Nettles and Parsley are highly nutritive, full of antioxidants and minerals.


Now with all this natural goodness, you can't go wrong with adding Herbal Pet Boost to your dog or cat's dinner on a daily basis.



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