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Dexter’s Deli is the “original” health food store for dogs and cats. Since 1996 we’ve been providing the best in natural diets and supplements, up-to-date nutritional information, fresh and natural treats, cool gear, and wild toys and gifts. We’re not a national chain store, we’re just a neighborhood pet store with a twist! We treat every pet like family so we’ll bend over backwards to accommodate you and your pet’s needs. We take pride in providing knowledgeable staff to assist every customer with the most up-to-date information regarding your pets’ health, diet and well-being.

We are often asked “What is the best food you have?” We truly don’t have one best food because we want to help you choose the best food for your pet’s specific needs. We like to educate, not dictate, so we offer a wide array of choices. “We trust Dexter’s” is the best compliment we can ask for!

Our true passion is educating owners about the benefits of feeding dogs and cats a fresh food diet. While processed foods have become the norm, our pets’ bodies are still designed for fresh food. Over the years we’ve had many owners report that their pets’ chronic illnesses have disappeared since they changed them to a raw or cooked fresh diet with natural supplements. This may sound like another fad, but indeed, it’s a tradition for dogs and cats (and humans!).


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