Sustenance Herbs Sustenance Herbs Immune Mushroom Blend
Sustenance Herbs Sustenance Herbs Immune Mushroom Blend

Sustenance Herbs Immune Mushroom Blend


A stellar "one and done" blend of herbs and mushrooms, when your pet needs extra support for their immune system.

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Product Description

A blend of 14 Organic USA-grown mushrooms added to a formula of herbs, enzymes, and probiotics that work in synergy to balance the immune system.


  • Promotes normal blood values
  • Enhances cellular health
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress


Size: 4oz

A proprietary herbal blend of: Certified Organic Burdock Rt, *Nettle Lf, *Hemp Hearts, *Aswagandha, *Eleuthero Root, *Dandelion Rt & Lf,*Alfalfa, *Horsetail,*Bee Pollen, *Oat Straw, †Cat’s Claw,*Spirulina, *Neem Lf, with added Mushrooms of *Reishi, *Chaga, *Maitake, *Mesima, *Poria, *Oyster, *Suehirotake, *Shiitake, *Lion’s Mane, *Agrikon, *Cordyceps, *TurkeyTail, *Blazei & *True Tinder, Enzyme Blend of Protease, Amylase, Bromelain, Cellulase, Lipase. Lactobacillus acidophilus 154 million CFU

(All mushrooms harvested in the USA, Certified Organic)

*Denotes Certified Organic †Denotes Responsibly/Ethically Wildcrafted


Feeding Directions:
Please note initial usage instructions on canister for gradual administration.

Body Weight - Daily Amount

  • 10-20lbs - 1/2 tsp
  • 21-40lbs - 1 tsp
  • 41-75lbs - 1 1/2 tsp
  • 75lb and up - 2 tsp
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