Sustenance Herbs Sustenance Bor-L-Immune
Sustenance Herbs Sustenance Bor-L-Immune

Sustenance Bor-L-Immune


Bor-L-Immune is for use with dogs and horses during tick season.

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Product Description

Ingested daily at the first sighting of ticks and throughout tick season will help support the Interleukin 2, Th1 and Th2 immune response. During a tick bite, the saliva of the tick inhibits TH1 immune response, Spirochetes take advantage of this to colonize in the tissues.


  • Supports a Healthy Immune Response
  • Enhances Normal Liver, Spleen, and Thymus Function
  • Protects Heart Muscle
  • Enhances CD-4 White Blood Cells


Ingredients (all Non-GMO & Organic): Japanese Knot Weed, Wild-harvested Cat's Claw, Organic Astragalus, Wild-harvested Andrographis, Organic Neem, Organic Cryptolepis.

All constituents in this formula are extracted using Distilled Water and Organic Grain Alcohol (Gluten Free) handmade in small batches, blended and packaged at the Sustenance Herbs facility in Maine.

Size: 2oz

Directions: For use with DOGS during tick season feed 1 drop per lb of body weight once daily to keep ticks away, or twice daily if spirochetes are present. 1/4 teaspoon is equal to 40 drops.

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