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Pet’s Friend Pet’s Friend Eggshell Calcium
Pet’s Friend Pet’s Friend Eggshell Calcium

Pet’s Friend Eggshell Calcium


High potency, bioavailable calcium from eggshells in an easy-to-mix-in powder for your DIY meal formulation.

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Product Description

Calcium is the single most important supplement when feeding a home-prepared raw or cooked diet, and one that is often overlooked. If you aren't feeding fully consumable bones you must add supplemental calcium.

One teaspoon of Eggshellent Calcium provides approximately 1900 mg. of calcium, plus other trace minerals.

The shells are pasteurized and then ground in a chemical-free process to an ultra-fine powder to maximize absorption. The crystalline matrix of eggshell calcium carbonate provides more surface area for digestion than calcium carbonate from inorganic sources.

100% Eggshell Powder. No fillers or additives.Size: 16oz

Feeding Directions:
Generally, one teaspoon will provide calcium to balance one pound of muscle meat. The required amount can vary depending on other ingredients. Follow a reliable recipe or ask your pet health practitioner.

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