Herbal Energetics Herbal Energetics Herbal Ear Clear
Herbal Energetics Herbal Energetics Herbal Ear Clear

Herbal Energetics Herbal Ear Clear


For your pet’s itchy, dry or sore ears. Also effective on mites!

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Product Description

This soothing ear oil is a classic. It can help reduce irritation and inflammation, and the inclusion of flower essences helps with the stress of uncomfortable ears. 

Size: 1oz

Ingredients: Extracts of Echinacea Angustifolia & Purpurea Root, Mullein Flowers, & Garlic in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Neem Oil. Flower Essences: Crab Apple, Self-Heal, and SOS Rescue.

Directions: Fill dropper 1/2 full with oil. Immerse filled dropper in warm water to heat. Test on the wrist for warmth and then place drops, one at a time, in the ear. Repeat as needed.


If dealing with ear mites: Herbal Ear Clear not only helps with inflammation and discomfort, the oil format itself smothers ear mites. Apply ear oil daily, taking care to inspect the skin just outside the ear and apply there if needed. Also, inspect the tail of the animal if they commonly sleep curled up, and treat if needed. Wash all bedding and temporarily cover their sleeping spots with towels that can be frequently washed. These extra measures are to ensure that they don't reinfect themselves.


Add Herbal Energetics Pet Boost to their meals to help their body fight off the infection from the inside.

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