Blackwing Farms Blackwing Magic's Spray
Blackwing Farms Blackwing Magic's Spray

Blackwing Magic's Spray


This aromatic spray is just the thing for dogs having trouble settling in. If their reactions are escalating and you're at your wit's end this spray will bring them back down to earth so you can continue training.

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Product Description

Distilled water, Lavender essential oil, Flower essences of Arnica (for negative memories), Echinacea (for not feeling safe), Rock Rose (for bravery), Star of Bethlehem (for emotional shock), Yarrow (for wounded warrior), Star Tulip (for grounding), Impatiens (for patience), Cherry Plum (for positive thinking), and homeopathic Arnica montana 30x (for past trauma and emotional injury).

Size: 2oz

Magic's Spray can be used in the environment around the dog ("air freshener" style is best, rather than spraying directly at them), on bedding, in crates, etc. You can also spray it on your hands and apply it by petting the dog.

NOT FOR USE WITH CATS because of essential oils. Avoid direct contact with eyes, nose, and face. Best if used within 3 months of opening.

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