Blackwing Farms Blackwing Home Alone
Blackwing Farms Blackwing Home Alone

Blackwing Home Alone


This flower essence spray relieves the worry of separation for old and new family members.

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Product Description

Distilled water; Brandy (as preservative), Flower essences of Sweet Grass (for positive outlook), Passion Flower (for comfort), Yarrow (for bravery), homeopathic Aconitum napellus 30x (for courage), and homeopathic Arnica montana 30x (for balanced behavior).

Size: 2oz

Flower essences can be put in the drinking water, and on food or treats. Sometimes, as in the case of fearful or aggressive animals, just spray the remedy near them. Only 4 sprays 4 times daily for most animals. If you choose to put it in the drinking water just add a few sprays whenever you freshen the water. Can also be sprayed on toys, bedding, grooming equipment, crates, and in the bath water. You can also spray yourself, or spray your hands and apply by petting the dog or cat. They are not contraindicated for any medications or other treatments.

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