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Dexter’s Deli Pet Health Guides are short summaries to offer suggestions on the most common questions we hear from customers. We address issues about food and common health problems, and strive to empower our customers through education so they can make informed choices.

We believe in an integrative approach to your pet’s care, and never want to discourage you from working with your veterinarian; you’ll often hear our staff ask ”What did your vet say?” when asked for advice on a serious health issue. On our links page we offer resources to help you find holistic and integrative veterinarians. Visit links page.

Please contact us if you would like to reprint Dexter’s Deli Pet Health Guides.  Margarat Nee is the Dexter’s Deli Lead Educator and primary author of these handouts. Visit her website, The Art of Dog for more information and personalized assistance.

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Basic Food

Basic Health

Raw & Home-Cooked Diets


Special Health Issues



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