Here’s where you can find our recommended sources of information and assistance.  We are always updating our list and encourage you to bookmark this page as a useful tool for learning more about holistic care for your pet, finding holistic vets and practitioners, and San Diego area pet resources.

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Events, Services & Training

What’s happening? Check this page to find out about pet events around town and special services and  upcoming events at our stores.

Past events at Dexter’s have included “Ask The Vet” sessions and presentations with holistic vets, Animal Communication days, and features on local organizations like the California Wolf Center.  We have also hosted small classes, and for over 10 years have sponsored non-anesthesia dental cleaning services.

Non-Anesthesia Pet Teeth Cleaning Services at Dexter’s Deli

Dexter’s Deli has discontinued the non-anesthesia dental cleaning. We did not stop the service due to any problems or negative reports, and we hope that our customers who value this service will not be without choices, and that non-anesthesia teeth cleaning will be available again soon.

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