Dexter’s has a complete selection of supplements for your pet. We strive to offer the best in vitamins, joint care, EFA’s, herbal foods & tinctures, and specialty health products. Call for specific items and pricing. We also do special orders, and are happy to ship anywhere in the United States.

Why supplement your pet’s food

It’s a sad fact that in our current world many of our pets suffer from chronic diseases and cancer, or frequent short-term health problems. It can seem like there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about what causes these problems and how best to care for them, but here at Dexter’s we truly believe that the foundation of any holistic approach to optimal health is through food and supplements.

  • The heat processing of dry and canned foods destroys much of the natural nutrients in foods. Supplements like fish oil and nutrient-dense plant supplements (“green superfoods”) can replace what’s lost.
  • Plants provide the most bio-available natural medicines that help prevent disease and balance your pet’s overall constitution.
  •  Natural supplements provide an easy way to customize your pet’s diet and make adjustments throughout their life as their needs change.
  • You may be able to avoid unnecessary trips to the vet by learning how to care for some common short-term problems yourself using well-regarded natural remedies.

Download our PDF with Tips for Adding Supplements

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