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Our staff are also our customers. They can provide valuable firsthand feedback about products because they’ve used them at home, in some cases for themselves as well as their pets. They also bring their own expertise to the table when we’re choosing what products to carry, how to use them most effectively, and of course helping our customers choose the right product for their pet. We value our staff’s feedback and want to share what they find exciting and beneficial for their own pets.


My most recent discovery has been Pet Essences flower essence formulas! Galaxy has been struggling with sever anxiety for most of his life. The formulas that I have used and loved are Anxiety/Fear and Calming Solution.

Last month Galaxy had bit off a chunk of his paw pad in the middle of the night and he was crying and in panic mode. The first thing I tried to do was spray Vetericyn and stop some of the bleeding but he would not let me touch his paw. So I got a freeze dried treat and put a good dropper full of the Calming Pet Essence. Within minutes he was much more relaxed and let me disinfect his paw. It took about 5-7 minutes after giving him the pet essences to get him back in bed and comfortable.

Since then I have used both the Calming and Anxiety/Fear formulas when I see him whining for no apparent reason. I’ll start massaging him with the essence liquid once he sits down and it works within 5 minutes) when he lays down and takes a deep breath. It’s amazing how he reacts to the flower essences so well, I definitely recommend them to anyone with these issues!


I’ve got my new teenage dog successfully eating a raw diet, but I also needed a food that I could easily use for training. I don’t want to throw off her nutrition with all the training treats so it’s important for me to find something that’s easy to handle and as close to a raw, balanced diet as I could get. Nourish, from Isle of Dogs fits my needs perfectly. It’s a simple air-dried food that’s 90% meat and organs, with coconut oil and added vitamins and minerals, not to mention beneficial ingredients like kelp and green-lipped mussel. Some vegetable glycerin & pea makes it easy to break apart into smaller pieces without becoming dusty. It’s a tasty (aka “high value”) training treat for a pocket or treat bag that my dog really responds to. It’s also perfect for foraging toys so that I can occupy her mind while I fix my own meals. The taste and smell can keep her going with a foraging toy for an hour in the evenings, and that’s “high value” for me.


jamie1Wondercide Skin Tonic Spray is great, with simple ingredients like neem and lavender. This is my go to for those looking for topical relief for the itchies. I’ve used it for my own dog and even tested it on myself on a scrape I had (an open wound if you will), it doesn’t sting at all and even helps to take down the itch factor. I especially use it on my dog Sage if she is scratching and I cannot find a flea or a reason for her to be doing so. I appreciate that they offer a trial size so it can be tested out or for those who have small pets.


I love all our Answers fermented foods, but especially our Answers Rewards Goat Cheese – it’s a great way to introduce fermented probiotic products without having to thaw something out – it’s something we can offer the dog in the store, even if still frozen. It’s such an easy way to feed probiotics and according to the rep I heard last month, each little piece of cheese contains 1 billion probiotics. I love that cats can have it too, since they are often more picky with things added to their food. I bought some Answers products while visiting my daughter in Northern CA and both her dog and cat loved the goat cheese. I like that it is an easy to feed treat with such great benefits for digestion. 5 stars from me and my pups!


Inflapotion from Glacier Peak Holistics has been amazing for Lily. After trying several supplements and only noticing limited improvement in her pain and mobility issues from a chronic knee injury, I gave Inflapotion a try. Within a few days, she was moving around much better and seemed much happier. In addition, it has helped clear up her occassional red skin. I would highly recommend it if your dog has joint or ligament pain or there is inflammation going on anywhere in the body.


I love Shake Organic Pet Mouth Cleanser for my dog!

Dental disease affects pets. Slow building tartar you see on your pet’s teeth is about 80 percent bacteria and it damages the gums, the bone beneath and the ligaments that hold teeth in place. Bacteria can get into the blood stream and infect vital organs like the heart, lungs and kidneys. I also know that advanced dental disease hurts; it makes pets feel sick. Daily brushing is the best deterrent but not all pets will let you brush their teeth. I found this product as an alternative to brushing.

The first time I gave my dog Eddie Shake’s Mouth Cleanser he did a boogie dance on my bed, finishing with rubbing his head in the pillows. He was responding to the the peppermint taste. The second time and each time going forward he was fine with it. He now sits next to me when I brush my teeth waiting for his turn. I saw the plaque disappear in 2 weeks. I also love that it is organic.


With very active dogs I struggle with dry and cracked paw pads all the time. Regularly using the Natural Dog Company Pawtection has helped my crew maintain smoother pads and no more injuries! I also sometimes use it on myself for dry hands when in a pinch and it works great.


I love Pet Releaf CBD Oil for so many reasons! It’s healing properties are so incredible when it comes to anxiety/stress, arthritis, seizures, inflamation in the body, etc. My dog loves getting his daily dose like it’s a treat. It helps him out with staying calm in new situations, and overall wellness.


Smallbatch Freeze Dried Duck Bites have been a staple for my picky little dachshund, Lola. She will frequently decide to skip a meal or not eat enough, and these small freeze dried bites of duck entice her to eat AND they offer many benefits! They have fermented vegetable probiotics & mushrooms to help with her digestion and immune system and oils that provide omegas for her as well. She gets so excited when she sees or hears me open the bag and that makes me happy since she’s so finicky. I’ve even given them to friends with picky pups and they’re soft enough for the ones with few teeth to enjoy. They’re also small enough to be used as training treats or into a ball to kick around for a fun reward!


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