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Our true passion is educating owners about the benefits of feeding dogs and cats a raw food diet. While processed foods have become the norm, our pets’ digestive tracts are still designed for fresh food. Over the years we’ve had many owners report that their pets’ chronic illnesses have disappeared since they changed them to a raw diet. This may sound like another fad, but indeed, it’s a tradition for dogs and cats. Think about it – how different is a dog from a coyote, or a housecat from a bobcat?

Find more information from our links section and our pet health guides. Here are three specifically about raw food diets.

The Benefits of a Fresh Food Diet

  • Live enzymes
  • Less toxins and preservatives
  • No synthetic nutrients
  • Provides proper hydration (especially important for cats)
  • Easier to digest
  • Maintains healthy teeth
  • Maintains a healthy digestive tract
  • You know what your pet is eating

Our Raw Food Selection

All our raw meat products are human grade, hormone and antibiotic-free, and USDAA inspected. We carry a variety of raw parts, such as turkey necks, chicken necks and backs, and recreational bones. We also carry a wide selection of prepared raw diets:

Dexter’s Naturals Fresh Delish
Our own food is locally made to order for us using the highest quality ingredients. It’s 84% animal ingredients and 16% produce. All of the meats (86%) are locally sourced except Duck and Swai. The broad range of veggies (14%) is fresh and local (except the frozen wild blueberries). The calcium supplement is made from Icelandic seaweed. All of the formulas include stomach grass from pastured local beef – the “green” in green tripe that’s full of beneficial enzymes, as well as Vitamin E and coconut oil.

SmallBatch Pets
This food is made fresh to order with organic and free-range ingredients grown and raised in the Bay Area. Available in several recipes for both dogs and cats. Their recipes are 20% veggie for dogs, 10% for cats. They also have chubs without veggies.

Primal offers several varieties (beef, lamb, chicken, duck, pheasant) made with the highest quality ingredients, including organic veggies (11-20%), EFAs, and other natural supplements, providing a complete diet that your dog will love. They also make a cat-specific diet with 5% veggies, with cooked salmon added to some varieties to attract the finicky felines. Primal Mixes are a simpler diet that are made with an unusual selection of organic fruits and veggies – an excelllent way to add nutritional variety to any raw food plan. Poultry varieties are processed with High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP). Learn more about HPP.

A variety of meat and vegetable combinations in one-pound packets. Just add calcium for a complete diet, or feed with raw meaty bones. Organ meats sold separately to be fed once or twice a week. Available in chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, fish, venison, buffalo, and rabbit. Finely ground chicken necks without veggies also available. Also offering Synergy (just requires calcilum) and Prime Selection (mixed meat includes calcium).

Raw Bistro
Raw Bistro is a Minnesota based company and sources all of it’s meats from local family farms committed to sustainable agriculture & humane animal care. Beef & Bison are raised 100% grass-fed – no grain ever! All meats are raised without antibiotics and vegetables are organic. All formulas are nutritionally balanced.

Stella & Chewys 
Uses only free-range meats and organic vegetables (4% veggies). Includes bones and organ meats, plus supplements for a complete diet. Comes in convenient 1.5 oz patties in beef, lamb, and chicken. Processed with High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP). Learn more about HPP.

Rad Cat
A truly carnivorous diet designed specifically for cats. Ground complete diets as well as cut chicken necks and other RMBs. Meats are all U.S. sourced, free-range or pasture raised. No fruits or veggies except kelp and a small amount of psyllium husk powder for fiber. Poultry is processed with High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP). Learn more about HPP.

Made with the same quality of poultry you’d buy at your local health food store. Chicken formula uses organic meat. This diet meets nutritional guidelines through the inclusion of added synthetic vitamins and minerals. Processed with High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP).

Our Cooked Frozen Food Selection

My Perfect Pet
Made right here in San Diego County, this diet is a good option for dogs that cannot tolerate raw foods. It comes in half-pound patties in several flavors.

Additional Raw Food Items

Green Tripe
We have both 100% green tripe and Xcaliber: a blend of green tripe, muscle meat, heart, tongue, trachea, & bone. These are not nutritionally complete diets, but they are an excellent source of naturally occuring enzymes, probiotics, and EFAs, and are thus important additions to the diet. Tripe also make a good convalescence food.

Raw Cultured Goat Milk from Answers Primal
This highly nourishing, highly digestible food is an excellent source of probiotics and enzymes. It can be used as a meal substitute on a fasting day, as part of convalescence, for orphaned puppies, for hydrating dry foods, and as a simple addition to any diet.


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