Dry and Canned

We are often asked “What is your best dry food?” We truly don’t have one best food because we want to help you choose the best food for your pet’s specific needs. That’s why we ask about your pet’s age, health concerns, and possible food sensitivities, so we can direct you to the foods that we believe will help your pet thrive. We like to educate, not dictate, so we offer a wide array of choices. “We trust Dexter’s” is the best compliment we can ask for!

Some of the things we look for when choosing a brand for our store

  • Companies that are honest and open with us about their manufacturing practices
  • Ingredient sourcing that promotes practices that are healthy for our planet
  • Whole, healthy, recognizable ingredients
  • Smaller, independent companies that are responsive to their customers
  • Formulas that reflect the carnivore nature of our cats and dogs

Download our Pet Health Guide PDFs about dry food.

Our Brands

Buyer Beware!

Dry and canned pet foods are carefully marketed to quickly appeal to pet owners. Companies use carefully chosen phrases  and images to convince you that their food is “natural,” and “healthy,” but these terms can be misleading. Pet owners should educate themselves about commercial pet food ingredients and labeling so they can make informed decisions. Here are some websites that provide good information on pet food ingredients, the industry, and notices about recalls.


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