Dehydrated and Freeze-Dried

We carry a variety of freeze-dried and dehydrated foods that bridge the gap between raw or home-cooked diets and dry or canned food.

While there are differences in the processing method between “freeze-dried” and “dehydrated” overall they are very similar in their benefits.


  • They are shelf-stable:  In their natural state the whole food ingredients would spoil. With the water removed they can be stored in their un-opened packaging for an extended period of time without the use of added preservatives. Their light weight makes them especially convenient for travel.
  • They retain 95% of their natural nutrition. This means that if they are properly formulated when fresh they don’t need any additional supplementation added to offset the processing. This is in contrast to canned and dry foods that lose 60%-80% of their natural nutrition.
  • They blend well with other types of diets, making them an easy fresh—food addition. Their enticing smell and taste are helpful for pets who need some extra enticement.

Our Brands

Bravo’s freeze-dried Homestyle Complete formula is different from their raw diets in that the food is diced into small bite-size pieces which soften when warm water is added. This is a low glycemic formula with an appealing “mouth feel” for your pet.

Dr. Harvey’s
A wholesome fresh food pre-mix, just add hot water and let sit for 10 minutes to completely rehydrate, then add oil and your choice of protein. Only human-grade ingredients are used, available in a grain/vegetable formula (with organic grains) or a veggie-only formula, all include supplements like calcium for basic nutritional balance when used as directed.

Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance
A low-glycemic freeze-dried diet made in California. Just add warm water & let sit for 5 minutes to rehydrate. Made with chickpeas, it’s one of the few brands of freeze-dried food to offer formulas made with unusual meats like goat and rabbit for dogs with sensitivities to more common meats.

The Honest Kitchen
A San Diego company! This human-grade dehydrated diet comes in a wide variety of formulas: 8 complete diets for dogs (both with and without grains), 2 for cats, and 3 premixes. This allows for rotating between formulas for variety, or choosing one diet for specific needs. The consistency of the food makes it a good choice if you want to make a gravy to mix into other types of food.

K9 Naturals
Made in New Zealand, this high-meat-content food is sure to entice any dog or cat, and makes an amazing gravy when rehydrated. Includes Green Lipped-Mussel for minerals and joint support.

Made by Isle of Dogs with New Zealand sourced air-dried food is nutritionally complete and highly palatable. 90% the modest amount of pea and vegetable glycerin make it soft enough to tear apart easily without becoming powdery (so it makes a great training treat).

Made from their raw formulas, this freeze-dried diet comes in a convenient nugget (the equivalent of their raw 1 ounce nugget).  Available in both dog (10%-20% vegetables) and cat (5% vegetables) formulas.

Made with 95% human-grade meat this freeze-dried food is pleasing to the most finicky eater. Supplemented with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

Smallbatch Pets
Made from their raw formulas for dogs, this freeze-dried diet comes in a convenient nugget (the equivalent of their raw 1 ounce nugget), with 20% vegetables.

Sojos offers both pre-mixes and complete diets. Premixes allow you to customize the diet and provide your choice of fresh protein.  Their premixes come in a grain/vegetable mix and a vegetable only option. Complete diets are grain-free and are available in turkey, beef, and lamb. All include supplements like calcium for basic nutritional balance, simply add warm water and let sit for 15 minutes.

Stella & Chewy’s
Made from their raw formulas, this freeze-dried diet comes in a convenient mini-patty (the equivalent of their raw 1.5 ounce patty) for their dog formulas, and in small nuggets for their cat formulas. This food does contain a wide array of added vitamins and minerals. Approximately 4%-5% vegetables.

Ziwi Peak
A high meat content makes this air dried food very attractive for even fussy pets. It’s 90% meat, and includes green-lipped mussel in the formula, along with added vitamins and minerals. The bite-size pieces are a texture similar to soft jerky treats (some folk even use this food in their training pouches!).


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