New Products Help You Keep The Cost Down

We know the economy is hurting everyone, but we don’t want it to hurt our pets, do we? We are all trying to balance finances and feeding our pets the best we can, and here at Dexter’s we’re trying to help you out too!

Dexter’s Deli is now offering Healthwise® from the makers of Innova. It’s not a brand you may have heard of because they put their money into high quality ingredients NOT advertising and marketing. Our introductory price for a 35 lb. bag of Chicken & Oat is only $29.95! Check this month’s Clipper Magazine for special coupons on Healthwise®, or download them here.

As always we strive to offer options for everyone who wants to do the best by their pets, and that includes our supplements. Look for new products coming in to the store to help you optimize & economize.

And, as always, we encourage you to optimize your pet’s meals with healthy bites from your refrigerator and garden. Topping their food with small amounts is an easy and cost-effective way to add fresh nutrition. Come in to the store and ask for our Dry Food Handout for more hints.

Dexter’s Deli is Tweeting!
We know that dogs don’t normally tweet, but we also know that you want to stay up do date with news from our store. We’ll let you know about special deals, the latest health information for your pet, new products, and stories from the store. Follow us at

Get Your Pet’s Vaccine Titer Checked

Saturday, February 7th
, Dr. Tamara Hebbler will be having  Titer Clinic in Solana Beach from 12:00pm- 2:00pm.

What’s a titer test? It can help indicate whether your pet is still protected by past vaccinations, giving you valuable information to help you decide about future vaccinations. Over-vaccination may be the cause of chronic health problems in some dogs, and titer testing can help you

The total cost for testing titers for both parvovirus & distemper is $60 for your first dog, and $55 for your additional dogs. The rabies titer test
> is $115.

You need to sign up in advance, so please use their webpage form or call Dr. Hebbler’s office at (877) 738-4673. If you can’t make this date the online form will let you indicate your interest in future clinics. There is also a link to more information on titer testing.

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