Helping Snowball Recover From Abuse

The community is coming together to help a dog in need. Snowball was terribly abused, and Dexter’s Deli in Carlsbad has made September Snowball’s month by accepting donations to help with his medical care as he recovers.

Snowball came into the local shelter doused in Pine Sol. He had a toxic reaction to the chemical cleaner and was temporarily blinded, howling at the walls from pain and disorientation. He also had two ruptured eardrums, burns to his skin, flea infestation, and hair so badly matted that he couldn’t walk.

It is amazing how a community has come together. The shelter reached out to local rescue groups but everyone declined due to lack of funding or being full. SPOT (Saving Pets One at a Time) was then contacted by SNAP (Spay Neuter Action Project) as a last resort.


“We knew we had to save this sweet guy; throughout his painful ordeal, he never nipped or bit at anyone, just tail wags — he is definitely worth saving.”

snowball2 SPOT went into fundraising mode for Snowball via the internet, Facebook, and by asking Dexter’s Deli for assistance in getting the word out. Tori, the owner of Dexter’s, was so touched by his story that she proposed September as Snowball Month. We are posting his story and asking for contributions to help Snowball and others like him.

Here you can see the pawprints indicating all the people who have donated at our Carlsbad store.

It is so inspiring to see a community come together like this to help one of their own in need. You can send donations directly to SPOT, or stop by our Carlsbad Store during the month of September to leave a donation.

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