Dexter 1993-2010

Dexter passed peacefully, snoring in Tori’s lap on Monday, December 20, 2010 at the incredible age of 17-1/2.

Dexter - trailblazer

Dexter was a beautiful soul. He had a blessed life, starting out as an adopted pound puppy from Missouri and becoming the mascot for his own natural pet stores. Dexter had a spirit for adventure and a zest for life that carried him all the way to the end. Not only was he a loyal companion to Tori and her family, he was a teacher for all of us, our lives and our pet’s lives all the richer because of his flame. What a life he had, one of fun and silly Dexter moments, and his role as a trailblazer and living affirmation of the magnificent force of the holistic human/animal experience. Dexter will be forever sewn into our hearts and we are all so very grateful to of had him touch our lives.

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I remember the first time that I had the joy of meeting Dexter. I walked into the Carlsbad store right when it had opened. I was greeted not by a human but this wonderful sweet guy named Dexter. I saw him many times after our first meeting and always walked out with a smile on my face! Sweet Dexter, you will be missed! — Erin


Dexter has been a true inspiration and a living testament to what good care can do for our 4 legged friends. Rest well and run free Dexter. — Cathy

I was honored to have helped take care of Dexter for his last year and a half of life. His recovery from a major dental procedure involving the extraction of 21 problem teeth at the age of 16 was a testament to his strength and overall great health thanks to Tori! He was a very special soul and his memory will remain dearly with all who knew him. — Kirk Feinberg, D.V.M.

I will forever remember being greeted at the front door of the deli by Dexter himself. I always got a very friendly greeting, but once inside and shopping, Dexter had no more time for me. Dexter knew his place, that of incredible front man. God Speed Dexter. — Joanne P

Dexter was a great little guy. No one could guard that treat bin behind the counter like he could! He will be missed! — Reni

I rememeber Dexter’s spunkiness when you first opened the store and I thought he was a perfect mascot for your store. He greeted everyone who journeyed through the store and always was ready for a loving pet. He lived a full life and was blessed to be part of your family. I will miss him. — Susie


Whether he knew or not Dexter provided our family of pets and people with abundant health for the last 10 years. We will always be grateful for the knowledge he shared and many animals will have better lives because of him. –Toby

I first met Dexter when the Carlsbad store opened. I had recently acquired my two Pugs and I was interested in the raw diet for them. Dexter was so inspirational! He was so full of energy and greeted everyone with such enthusiasm. He will truly be missed. — Peggi


God Speed Dexter. It was nice to have known you. — Nan


Oh wow, so sad to see him pass on ;( What an amazing doggy he was! My doggies have grown up at Dexter’s and will continue to do so the rest of our lives. Hopefully by Dexter’s example of a healthy and happy life, they too will live a long time. Thank you Dexter, we will miss you! — Christa


Lucky dog ~ Dexter lived a long, happy, properous life. Many healthy dogs have happy bellies thanks to him. Long live Dex! — Becky


Zoey and I are happy to have met Dexter at his birthday party this past summer, he will be missed! — Christina

Dexter lives on in every smile that is brought by thinking of what a gift he was. He inspired Mike and I from the first moment we heard his proud Mama, Tori, tell us about him last year. And, we had the privilege of spending just a little time with him during his birthday party. Dexter will continue to inspire. The singular example of this dog’s longevity and life came from a simple recipe. Eat, play, love. Thanks for the lesson, Dexter. — Jay


RIP Dexter. What a wonderful legacy you have left behind, educating all of us and enriching the health and lives of pets in San Diego for so many years (and many years to come). Thank you. –Stephanie

I am so very sad and sorry to hear about Dexter’s passing. Butch and I were just in your store last week and we were searching for and hoping to see him this last visit. He was a very special friend to all of us that knew him. Dexter was such a amazing and loyal companion to you and your family and I’m sure you have many special memories to reflect back on. He will be missed. I would like to share a few lines from a poem that brought me some comfort when my Maggie passed away last August… — Richard & Butchie

In my heart you will hold a place
no one other could ever fill.
If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I’d walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.
Our family chain is broken
and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.

Proud to have known Dexter and all the rich blessings his soul’s spirit brought to our lives. We will be forever grateful! — Judith

Mum and me were invited to Dexter’s phun 15th birthday party. I was so impressed on how many peanut buddah pupcakes Dexter could eat and how many he could, ahem… steal. I am very proud to have shared my pupcake with “da Man” – Dexter. Dexter knew how to throw a dawg party. I hope you continue to celebrate Dexter’s birthday and we shall come a raise a bone to Dex. — Malachi the Shiba Boy


Dexter was such an angel presence in your store. I was always so bummed when I would come in and he would not be there. He made everything so happy and fun and he was just so cute to watch run around and greet everyone. It truly was his “element” to be the store mascot and he did a wonderful job. He will be missed a lot! — Christine

I am so sad to find out about Dexter passing on Dec 20, 2010. Was in the store on Sunday, Jan 2, picked up memorial card,turned over to read Dexter 1993 – 2010, immediately tears came, know your sorrow, having little guy going to dog heaven. I have experienced fours times with my dear dogs, passing up to the Angels, to have a life of joy and no health problems in dog heaven. My heart is with you all Dexter family. — Martie Grace

I will always remember Dexter as the official greeter to your store. He would always come out to give his little bark, to dog or person that came to visit or shop. You have been so lucky to have had him with you for such a long time. We miss him too. — Shandra

So sad to hear about your precious Dexter. I lost my Stella at the age of 18, so I can understand your grief. It sounds so corny to say they live in your heart, but that is so true. You are lucky to have had Dexter so long — Peggy

Some fun unknown history of Dexter and his family by: “Dexter’s other mother”, Mitzi.

When we first adopted Dex in 1993, Tori and I also had a Fox Terrier named Teddy Bear. Those of you that have known us for years know that it was Teddy that was the motivation for the store. Dexter Deli could has easly been Teddy’s Treats. Although Dexter didn’t really like sharing “his” treats in the treat case with the other 4-legged customers, his infectious personality won over the affection of many and he became the known mascot for the store.

Before we found Dexter (or Dexter found us), I had already decided on a name and it was Tori’s responsibility to find us a Dexter. I must say, she, like with everything else she touches, did a PERFECT job! As a puppy Dexter (previously known in the pound as “Bruiser”) was quite a challenge. He had major separation anxiety and chewed and howled ad nauseaum. We attempted to confine him in our kitchen, but he would climb over not only one, but two baby gates in order to get out and chew and howl some more. He chewed wooden gates, climbed fences, but eventually found a way to cope with separation by “suckling” not only his blankets, but all of his stuffed animals. There were pointy blanket corners, pointy stuffed animal ears and pointy stuffed animal feet everywhere in our home.

With Teddy Bear, they were quite the bad little brothers. They would gang up on other dogs (and we rescued A LOT in St. Louis) and cats, whether random neighborhood cats or our own. He also outsmarted Teddy on a number of occasions. If Dexter finished his meaty bone before Teddy, he would run at the door barking as if someone was there, then when Ted rushed the door, Dexter would hustle over and steal Teddy’s bone. Dexter did that to Teddy for years. Did I mention that Teddy was secretly very smart?

And then there was the time that we were in Colorado and Dexter decided to jump OUT of the car window to say “Hi” to a wedding party that was in the park by where we were driving. Tori and I were horrified, to say the least.

Dexter didn’t really like to get his feet wet or be cold and on more than one camping outing, would go into the tent, get under the sleeping bag and fall asleep while we were out enjoying the campfire. Dexter loved to sleep under the covers with us, tucked warmly into our bent knees.

Tori, thank you for finding Dexter and thank you for this journey, he was very loved. –Mitzi

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