Spring Into Health


Addressing your pet’s health seasonally can work wonders in keeping their health in balance. Have you seen your pet’s health change in the Spring? Some pets eat more grass, others get more itchy or have skin eruptions or ear infections appear. These can all be a sign of their body needing some extra seasonal help. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Spring is the season that governs the Liver. The liver …

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Our Favorite New Year’s Resolutions – For Our Pets!


Eat Clean in 2016 “Let food be your medicine” is as relevant today as it was in ancient Greece – and it applies to your pets too. Nothing is more important to your pet’s long term health than their diet, and including healthy fresh food should be a goal for every pet owner. This isn’t an all-or-nothing “call to raw” but a shift in habit to promote optimal health throughout …

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Does your pet have the Autumn Itchies?


It’s November and for the past month we’ve had lots of folks asking for help for their itchy pets, so let’s talk about what some of the causes might be and what you can do about to help your dog or cat feel better. Here in California we can almost consider Autumn our “Other Spring.” We get another round of plants blooming, which can trigger environmental allergy symptoms. Our pets …

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Safe & Happy Holidays for your Pets

christmas cat 12

Halloween…. Thanksgiving…. Christmas, New Year’s Eve….. holidays are out of the ordinary for pets but problems are easy to avoid with a little bit of forethought. Halloween It goes without saying that dogs and cats shouldn’t be able to get access to Halloween candy. If you are passing it out be sure you’ve got it safely up and out of reach while waiting for the next trick-or-treaters. Decorations can seem …

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Choosing the Right Treat


Treats can be divided into a few basic categories: + Biscuits + Meat-only treats + Soft treats + Chews You’re probably shopping for treats to fill specific needs: + According to their ingredients or nutritional profile + As a simple daily hand-out + As a training treat + To use as a meal enticement + To occupy your dog for a period of time chewing or using a foraging toy …

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Dry Food Safety – Storage Is Up To You


Dry foods, while designed to be stable for storage, can actually degrade quickly once the bag is opened and oxidation begins.  This is especially true of foods containing fish and fish oil, which go rancid more quickly than other fats. Trust your nose (and your dog’s nose)! Rancid fats may make your dog sick, or they may just refuse to eat. If your dog refuses their food or throws it …

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Is the FDA out for blood?


If you feed raw pet food you might be concerned about the recent uptick in recalls by raw pet food manufacturers. You might be starting to second-guess your choice of a raw diet for your dog or cat because you keep hearing about raw food being recalled. Here are some important things to know to put these recalls in perspective. The FDA has decided that, unlike other kinds of pet …

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People often ask us “Why does the food you sell cost more?”

It’s a good question, because the mainstream pet food industry keeps the public in the dark about what actually goes into pet food (and it’s often impossible to tell by looking at the food itself, whether it’s dried pellets or canned meat). The food we sell costs more than many foods on the market for some very basic reasons. Here are a few: They are not made from diseased animals. …

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Probiotic Foods

Beneficial bacteria and live enzymes are the building blocks of not only healthy digestion, but also healthy immune & nervous system. Feeding supplemental foods like raw green tripe, raw cultured goat milk, and fermented fish broth ensures that your dog or cat is getting the most easily absorbed probiotics and enzymes possible, along with other nutritious components. Start slow, as you would with any new food or supplement. These foods …

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Emergency! Get Prepared.

Cat crate

The recent fires in San Diego County have reminded us all of the importance of being prepared for emergencies, especially evacuations. Pets have been separated from their families because of something as simple as not wearing a collar. Planning ahead for such unexpected events is easy to put off, but we hope we can provide some reminders here for you so that your pets will be safe in the event …

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