Probiotic Foods

Beneficial bacteria and live enzymes are the building blocks of not only healthy digestion, but also healthy immune & nervous system. Feeding supplemental foods like raw green tripe, raw cultured goat milk, and fermented fish broth ensures that your dog or cat is getting the most easily absorbed probiotics and enzymes possible, along with other nutritious components. Start slow, as you would with any new food or supplement. These foods …

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Emergency! Get Prepared.

Cat crate

The recent fires in San Diego County have reminded us all of the importance of being prepared for emergencies, especially evacuations. Pets have been separated from their families because of something as simple as not wearing a collar. Planning ahead for such unexpected events is easy to put off, but we hope we can provide some reminders here for you so that your pets will be safe in the event …

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New Year’s Patio Pawty Celebrates Local Animal Welfare Groups

On Sunday, January 5th Dexter’s Deli will be hosting an afternoon party to celebrate the success of our Holiday Drive and the hard work of the four local recipient groups. We’ll be donating checks of $1,000 to each group, as well as in-kind donations of food from our generous natural pet food companies. Guests will enjoy light refreshments along with music by Adrian Demain and visual art by Nicole Boramanand, Kristina Sacher, …

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9 Commercial Pet Food Myths


Here are the top myths we hear from our customers.  It’s not their fault. These ideas are being spread primarily through marketing by the pet food companies, but unfortunately some of the myth-making is being done by veterinarians who don’t continue their own education on food to go beyond the limited one they get in school.  We want our customers to make informed decisions about feeding their pets. We strive …

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Bad Breath is No Laughing Matter!

STOP everyone! Drop that dental scaler that you just bought online, you’re about to do an illegal act on your pet! Yes, according to the California Veterinary Medical Board and the office of California Consumer Affairs – scraping a pet’s teeth with a metal scaler without a veterinarian over-seeing you is considered a “dental operation” and is illegal in the state of California. For 15 years Dexter’s Deli had been …

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When Big Dogs Try To Look Small

When you spend your money in a locally owned independent business much more money returns to the local community. This summer PETCO, originally a local San Diego store, now a super-giant with more than 1,150 stores nationwide (including more than 30 of their boutique-sized Unleashed stores) bought a locally owned 10-store chain called Pet People. This purchase is a new sort of addition to this pet supply giant and an …

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Kongs & Other Foraging Toys

Foraging Toys are the best way to satisfy dogs and cats natural urge to hunt, chew, problem-solve, and play. BENEFITS • Relieves boredom • Reduces anxiety • Helps with crate training • Provides physical & intellectual stimulation Download a PDF handout of this information Kong Classic – the #1 toy for puppies and dogs. Made of durable, dishwasher-safe rubber, you can put just about anything in a Kong Classic. While …

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Spring Allergies?

Is your pet itchy? Is their skin irritated or eyes runny? You can help them naturally with diet and supplements. Itchy Skin Runny Nose Hot Spots Goopy Eyes Red, Irritated Skin Digestive Upsets Ear Discharge Inflammation If your pet suffers from any of these problems they will benefit from some specific supplements and diet improvements. HOW THE HEALTH OF THE LIVER IMPACTS EVERYTHING ELSE The liver is arguably the most …

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Chicken Treat Safety


Looking for your favorite chicken treat? We’ve cleaned up the shelves! Dexter’s has discontinued all “Made in China” & irradiated chicken treats for the safety of your pets. There has been no recall, nor definitive information on imported or irradiated treats causing harm, but the anecdotal information keeps piling up and we decided to listen. We struggled with this decision because we know that this change will result in higher …

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Why Wet Food For Cats

If you can do one thing to improve your cat’s diet…. stop feeding dry food. Whether you use canned, rehydrated, home-cooked, or raw isn’t the point, it’s all about getting moisture into the food. WHY CATS NEED MOISTURE IN THEIR FOOD It’s not enough for cats to be offered drinking water alongside their dry food. Cats have a low thirst drive; that means they will not normally seek out and …

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