We strive to provide the best customer service to everyone who comes in our stores. We are here to serve the animals above all, and put our efforts toward helping owners find the best products for their pets and educating them about natural foods and supplements.

There is nothing more gratifying to us than hearing back from customers we’ve helped, and the testimonials offered here on our website are the best gift we could ask for.

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I believe that George was very near death. After spending hundreds at the vet I took my fifteen year old cat home with chronic kidney disease who was throwing up day and night, eating only a tablespoon of food, bad tempered, and losing gobs of fur. Josh recommended their medical cannabis and after one dose George stopped throwing up. All his symptoms have reversed. I also have him on supplements and the good food sold at Dexters. It is truly just amazing and a testament of the benefits of supplements and good food.

Barbara, customer since 2005


My husband and I adopted Scooter and Kobe this past year. Kobe (who is about to turn 11) came to us with serious skin and allergy issues–he was a mess! He looked like a ragamuffin and had no hair on his nose. I came into Dexter’s feeling distressed about what to do (because he’d been to the vet several times and it had only helped somewhat) and the staff spent a lot of time with me, helping to put together a diet for him, go over supplements, and giving me tons of great information. I truly feel that the diet the Dexter’s team created for Kobe has been a key part of him transforming into a happy, healthy, energetic little man!

I’m also thrilled that we’ve started our younger pup, Scooter (who is now 1.5 years old), off right.

I stop in Dexter’s frequently and always have a great experience. I love everyone there, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

– Elise, Jared, Scooter, and Kobe


I would like to acknowledge my sincere gratitude in helping my Jack Russell Terrier, Max.

A month ago, when Max refused to eat, I was certain he would not survive. Max is twelve years old and has endured Addison’s disease for most of his life. When the vet assured us this new illness was not related to Addison’s but some other condition we continued with testing. As with us, and many of your animal loving customers, we did not want to continue with the extensive, expensive, and possible ongoing radiation treatments for our dog. With heavy hearts my husband and I chose to care for Max at home until the end. Since Max is always so near and dear to us, we decided to keep him close and comfortable.

That’s when I brought Max into Dexter’s Deli. You listened to my sad story, while offering various treats to coax Max into eating. You generously offered the newest samples o f things he might want to eat, supplements that might help — we tried them, and incredibly these products are sustaining Max’s life! It’s hard to believe it, Max looks forward to his meals now, he has energy again, and is recovering remarkably! He loves the Honest Kitchen products.

Your kindness, thoughtfulness, and dedication to animals is a testimony to my dog’s recovery and survival. From the bottom of my heart, and Max’s paw, thank you.

Your Friends,
Sandy and Max.


Our dog Bailee is now close to 18 years old. He is a rescued part Chow mix. I have recently switched him to a raw diet, that I buy from your store. Mainly to help him remember to eat, he really wolfs it down! He stopped eating his kibble (too hard for him to chew I suspect). His energy level and the clarity of his eyes are much better.

Susan and Bailee


When I first got my shelter kitty he had coccidia, giardia and ringworm. Even after all that cleared he still had horrible diarrhea. When we took him to the vet they said he had IBD and that many pet owners abandon their cats with this problem. I tried many foods and pet stores, on top of that fact many had no idea what I was talking about they did not have any food that worked for him. By chance one day I passed by Dexter’s Deli and went in and spoke to Paige who was probably the most knowledgeable person I had ever spoken to about cats. She knew all about his condition and suggested Rad Cat raw chicken food. I knew nothing about it so she gave me samples, literature and even some transition food. She was amazing and so helpful. Within days he was regular and he is so healthy and strong now. The best part is that it is more affordable than the junk food I would have gotten at chain pet stores. Thank you Dexter’s Deli. You ROCK!!!!! .

Thank you, Erin N. & Zach


Dexter’s is the only place I can get varieties of my dog’s favorite foods. The staff is also very helpful in finding items for my dog’s special needs.

Vicki and Francois

Quincy & Zoe

We have been coming to Dexter’s Deli for years, and it’s an awesome store! The staff is very knowledgeable and kind, the store is well stocked with the best stuff, and our dogs love going in for love and treats. Josh has always been super helpful, whether it is choosing dog food, collars, toys, etc.

Jane, Quincy, & Zoe


Last year we lost our dear Doghter (daughter), Elsi to lymphoma. When we decided that a house is truly not a home without 4 legs and fur, we proudly adopted a wacky Lab mix named Libby. While at a training class with Libby we were recommended to go to Dexter’s to get her off her shelter food and find an appropriate food for her. I was amazed with the staff at Dexter’s in Del Mar! They are so friendly, so knowledgeable! They aren’t salesmen. The staff don’t push product just to make a buck, they respect you even when you are on a budget. Dexter’s staff is genuinely there for the love of their customers…dogs and cats. We especially like the occasional people treats at the register. 😉 All of Libby’s food and snacks come from Dexter’s.

Shay, Chris & Libby

Bichon FurKids Rescue

Dexter’s Deli is my favorite store. I would feed my Bichon, Danny, ANYTHING in your store and I recommend you to everyone that adopts from Bichon FurKids! The products that you carry are all exemplary. Our rescue group purchases all our dog food from you because your prices are better than Petco and you offer wonderful service! Your staff is knowledgable and extremely helpful! Thanks so much!

Kim Moore San Diego Team Leader, Bichon FurKids Rescue


I first came to Dexter’s when I moved to Del Mar two years ago, after a friend raved about the quality products and friendly service. They have an excellent selection of the best quality foods, including raw, and have a wide selection of natural remedies, healthy treats, and adorable accessories. A great place to go for a gift for a dog or cat lover! The friendly, smiling staff is always a pleasure.

Natasha, Bibi & kitties

Knowledgeable & Friendly Staff

I’ve been shopping at Dexter’s for 6 years because of their knowledgeable and friendly staff. They have a great and high quality selection of dog food and supplies.


Concentration & focus thanks to raw food

At dog training when my Standard poodle was 8 mo’s we were asked to have them sit, stay and come when called. My dog was off to me like a shot when given the command. The trainer asked what his diet consisted of. I told him a raw diet and he looked at me, then pointed to his dogs saying they ate only raw and had the concentration and energy my dog posessed. I am grateful that a place like Dexters exists so I can give my guy the best stuff that he deserves.

Cheryl Giusti


I have been shopping at Dexter’s Deli for the last two years and I cannot imagine shopping anywhere else for my pets’ food and nutritional supplements! I discovered Dexter’s Deli when I began fostering Rusty, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who entered into foster care with Lymphoma. Although Rusty (pictured here) has since passed away, his legacy (along with the knowledge and support of Dexter’s staff) lives on in my commitment to providing my pets with the best possible nutrition available. Without Dexter’s Deli, that would not be possible! Thank you Tori and Dexter’s staff for your commitment to animal health and wellness!

Suzanne Goulet

Billy [aka "Rock Star!"]

Dexter’s Deli is a trusted source of animal nutrition, care, and information. The integrity of Dexter’s guiding principles and genuine love for animals shines through daily, and I cannot imagine life without them for my furry family! They are to be commended for their cutting edge knowledge, dedicated service, and community oriented retail practices in support of animals.

Judith Adams

(We’ll miss you Billy – 2010)

There's no pet store I like better

When San Diegans ask me what to feed their dogs, I send them to Dexter’s Deli. You can trust store personnel to be knowledgeable and to choose what’s right for your dog … and for you, given how much time you want to spend preparing meals. There’s no pet store I like better or trust more! Or even as much!

Jan Rasmusen Author, Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care www.Dogs4Dogs.com and www.Truth4Dogs.com


I don’t know what I would do without Dexter’s. I have 5 rescue dogs ranging in age from 9 to 15. I try to keep them on healthy raw food diets and supplements, all of which I get either from my holistic Vet, Dr. Tamara Hebbler, or from Dexter’s. The staff at Dexter’s is very helpful and they know a lot about the store’s products and animal care in general. I can always shop at Dexter’s with confidence that I will get the right products for my dogs

Sandra Todd


Penelope and I love visiting Dexter’s Deli in Del Mar-we feel like Owen and the rest of the pack make us feel special-the Dexter’s pack go out of their way to give Penelope treats and play with her and generally shower her with genuine love and affection….the vibe is so fun at Dexter’s you end up wanting to hang out and shop till you drop. Thanks Dexter’s!!!

Ashley Framcomb

Raw food helped his allergies

We have recently switched our 12-year old dog’s food to the raw diet that Dexter’s offers and couldn’t be more impressed. I was astonished to find out all of the fillers that were in the food that our vet had him on previously. The raw diet is cheaper than the vet food, and he has endless energy. He has struggled with allergies for the past three years, and they are finally starting to let up thanks to this diet (the only thing we’ve changed). We love the staff at Dexter’s and never shop anywhere else!

Nellie Shaul

Our rescued bulldog is healthier

We moved to the area about 18 mos ago. Around that time, we added a (rescued) English Bulldog to our family. We struggled at first with dietary and environmental allergies, as well as with with type of gear would best suit her unique body type. Dexters has become our ‘go to’ resource for skin, food and gear questions. The locations are convenient, the staff is knowledgeable, and the products are high quality. You can see what a beauty she is. P.S. Dexter’s is also THE place we go to for dog pastry gifts. Thanks for everything!

Wendy Liberko

Our pups eat better than we do

We’ve had 2 full bred boxers since 8 weeks old. They are beautiful. There was no way I was going to provide them w/anything but the best. Luckily, my search ended at Dexter’s Deli: responsible, quality products; great staff; a welcoming environment for those of us who drag our pups everywhere. I go no where else. Quite frankly, our pups eat better than us. Thanks Dexter’s!

Andrea M.

Our pugs love raw food

The opening of the Carlsbad Dexter’s coincided with my acquiring my first Pug. My friend had been feeding her Cairn terrier a raw diet and I decided to try it. I went to Dexter’s and asked myriad questions. The staff was patient and helpful. It was the best thing I ever did. I now have another Pug and they both have flourished on the raw diet and the natural treats. Thank you to everyone at Dexter’s for all the help and understanding!

Peggi Lorenz

Elvis loves Dexter's Deli

We encouraged Mom to go to Dexter’s as soon as it opened – we could smell a quality store from miles away (actually only 5 blocks), and we wanted healthy food (preferably lots of it), stylish leashes and collars, a cute Dog Beach t shirt for Mom, and infinite varieties of yummy treats. Many years later (I’m 14 and my brother is almost 12), we have constantly been delighted with amazing, friendly customer service (even for humans), sound, thoughtful advice, and did I mention the yummy treats? We love supporting local small business and could not recommend any place more enthusiastically. Please stop by with your dog so we can sniff them when we’re in the shop.

Elvis (with brother Harley and friend Twinkie)

Two Paws Up!

I love Dexter’s Deli and recommend them to all my clients. Dexter’s has the highest quality products and the staff is so knowledgeable and nice! My dogs love the special attention and treats they get everytime they come in. Two Paws up!!

Laura Christiansen, CPDT owner of Canine Learning Centers with Mick and Grace


Tori and the entire staff have been great from day one. They have always taken the time to answer my questions and give Sam (the love of my life) a special hello. I have been going to the Del Mar store since it opened in 1996 and am greatful that I can shop in a store that cares as much about my Dog’s health as I do.

Thank you, Lynn and Sam


When our toy poodle Georgie, was a pup she showed little interest in any of the puppy chows we offered her. Because she weighed just a hair over two-pounds we were concerned about her lack of interest in the standard kibbles. The staff at Dexter’s offered us several healthier alternatives including some interesting literature and samples of a prepared raw food.  We were immediately impressed because the raw meat looks just like supermarket meat. Still, I was hesitant to feed raw food because of bacterial concerns and the tiny size of our dog, so for the first few months I cooked the raw food and gradually, as I gained confidence, cooked it less and less until she was eating a completely raw diet. Georgie thrived. Now six years old she is a robust and healthy 8 pounds. She is a perfect weight for her size, and has had no health problems, and feeding these frozen raw foods has proved to be easy and convenient. We are absolutely convinced that a raw diet
makes sense for dogs.


(We’ll miss you Georgie – 2009)

Our Favorite

There are quite a few specialty pet food stores in San Diego, but I only go to Dexter’s!  Their service, products, and support for my small business have always been amazing.  And if you haven’t tried their gourmet dog treats and cakes—you don’t know what you are missing!!  (oh yea—my dog likes them too!)

Dawn Celapino
Leash Your Fitness

"Yelp" from Tani H.

Went in to buy my dog a cake for her birthday this past February . Had never been there before and was treated with great costumer service. They wrote my dog’s name on her cake, and put it in a box with a bow!! I wasn’t expecting her name on the cake or a cute bow. She shared her cake with 2 other dogs and they all loved it.

Puppy Love

We got our very first puppy the same year that Dexter’s first opened it’s doors (? yrs ago). We are forever grateful that the advice and natural food and treats we got from Dexter’s immediately saved our dog from a lifetime of stomach problems, as well as expensive visits to the vet. A few cats and dogs later, we are still regular customer’s of Dexter’s Deli. We wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else for all pet-related products and free advice regarding each one of our precious pet’s physical and behavioral issues. Do yourself and your pet(s) a favor by going to Dexter’s and following their lead…that is the best advice we ever give anyone in regards to their new pet.

The truth from our hearts and paws….

Dr. Mark, Grace, Oti, Roxy, Dewey, Lulu, Boo, Tater, Rex, Ollie and Remy Kalina
Del Mar, CA

Patrice Ellman

I’ve been getting raw food for my 10 year old golden retriever at Dexter’s Deli for over 6 years now and have had nothing but a positive experience every time. This is store that’s about much more than going into to pick up dogfood, it’s about getting difficult questions answered, having knowledgeable and friendly staff concerned not only about my pet’s welfare but myself as well! The prices are reasonable, in spite of manufacturer’s increases, and they always have new treats, toys, and food to check out.  I will continue to go Dexter’s for this pet and all my pets to come….and not just because of the “people” cookies that they always keep for their customers (it’s a nice bonus though!)

-Patrice Ellman
Cardiff, CA

We Love Paige

Seventeen and still running strong thanks to Dexters Deli!  We LOVE Paige!!

(We’ll miss you Jersey – 2009)

Bug and Olive

I was introduced to Dexter’s Deli over 10 years ago and have been a loyal customer since then.  I believe that my Golden Retrievers had a better quality of life on raw food, with all it’s living enzymes, that helped support a strong immune system.  Bug and Olive are my current “raw foodies” and they stay lean for Pugs.  A big thank you to Tori (Dexter’s Deli owner) for all her knowledge, awareness and love of our animals, in keeping them healthy.

Gale, Bug and Olive

"Yelp" from Baxter C.

Amazing!!! So helpful, customer for life!
My dog was having so many weird symptoms, itching , sneezing, coughing. we were at the vet every week! so many bills! they put him on venison diet, then a soy hydrolyzed protein diet.  This is a beagle so he hated it so much! He wanted meat not soy!! He wouldn’t eat his food, he was on antibiotics and 6 other medications for months!! Getting sick and sicker, i finally stopped doing all the pills and soy diets. I listened to my gut. I cooked him his own food for a month before finding this place! Now I get Grandma Lucy’s brand freeze dried food. I choose a different flavor each month. Turns out after a few sample packs he was allergic to venison!!! That’s what the vet was making him eat! That’s why he was having so many symptoms, then they were giving him pills to control the allergy symptoms the food was causing!! ridiculous!!
After switching foods his symptoms are completely gone! every one of them. No licking paws, no coughing, sneezing, vomiting etc.. He is energetic and walks better and looks and feels great.  Thank you so much Dexter’s Deli!!!


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