Tori Rosay

Tori Rosay – Founder of Dexter’s Deli
Tori founded Dexter’s Deli in 1996, being the first store in San Diego to sell natural foods for pets and at the time, and was one of only a handful of stores across the country to promote the concept of healthy and alternative ways to care for our dogs and cats. Because of her passion for natural health and years of experience in the human health food industry, Tori is all about local and regionally sourced whenever possible. In 2014 she launched her own line of locally sourced fresh, raw food for dog and cat called “Dexter’s Naturals” and recently added an original all-natural dog biscuits and doggy pup-cakes to the product line that are being locally fresh-baked in Oceanside, CA. Along with her wonderful staff, passion and commitment to providing the best and most up-to-date information for all things natural for pets, Dexter’s Deli has earned a reputation as one of top natural pet stores in San Diego. She follows a natural holistic lifestyle in all aspects of her life and her business and believes that Dexter’s Deli has taken on a life of it’s own because of the amazing customers who are just as passionate about their pets as she is.


Holistic Educator
Margarat has over 25 years of professional experience with dogs and has combined this knowledge with continuing studies in holistic health and energetic healing. Margarat has her own wellness care business for dogs, The Art of Dog, offering acupressure, energetic body balancing, flower essences, herbs, and natural nutrition advice (she is a certified Raw Pet Food Nutrition Specialist). She even does Vibrational Sound Therapy & flower essences for people through Earth Song Energy.  She is a member of the American Herbalists Guild, among other professional organizations, and has a Master of Fine Arts degree from UCSD. She escapes annually to a family cabin in New Hampshire to enjoy the peaceful forest and lakes with her dog  Kestrel.


Pack Leader – Carlsbad
Paige is an avid animal lover and has always had an interest in natural health for people.  She has her B.A. in Holistic Healing through Mind & Body from San Francisco State University, and is certified as an Herbalist & Nutritionist Consultant by the Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas.  Many of you know Paige for her excellent customer service and knowledge of natural health for pets.  Paige shares her home with Lotus the blind wondercat and Ziggy the wild man Maine coon (both rescues from SPOT Oceanside rescue).


Pack Leader – Del Mar / Event Coordinator
Toby grew up on horseback riding the Southern California show circuit.  Her first adopted dog was Sauci, a Doberman Pinscher with Wobbler’s Syndrome.  Searching for ways to improve Sauci’s life, Toby found Dexter’s Deli in 1998 and began a new way of feeding and healing all pets from that day forward.  Toby is a shelter volunteer and participates in horse, dog and cat rescue.  She is also a music expert, a lover of modern art and design, Billy The Kid aficionado and New Mexico addict.  She shares her home with her husband, retired professional skateboarder and active musician, Adrian and rescued poodles Pierre, Pat and Sweetie.


Pack Leader – North Park
Lori, a health-nut and an extreme dog lover with a degree in Health Science SDSU moved to San Diego from L.A. to be near her grand-daughters.  She loves spending time with family, which includes 2 Australian Shepherds full of energy love and entertainment.  Lori’s life combines her passion for alternate health for both people and animals while focusing on nutrition, running, and Pilates. She joined our team to learn more and share all knowledge to empower people to help animals live high quality long lives.


Customer Consultant
Stephanie is the creative spirit of our Del Mar store. She loves spending time outdoors with her Doberman Mari. Her beach inspired art can be found online, and in the creative touches she brings to her work at Dexters.


Customer Consultant
Jamie has always had a love for animals and values her work at Dexter’s for all of the wonderful knowledge she’s gained and the long-term learning environment.  She was a groomer for over 8 years and is now a professional toe trimmer (for 4-legged only).  She loves the saying “You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say and do” (Patricia Bragg) and strives to apply that philosophy in her life for herself and her pet.  Thanks to her boxer mix, Sage, she has taken up and found the joy in running.  When not busy with Sage she enjoys photography, hiking, reading, and recently began studying Reiki and working with crystals.


Inventory Manager / Customer Consultant
Evan’s background is in accounting, but he wanted to do something a little more fun so now he’s with us! His move from Las Vegas to the coast has been a plus because he loves outdoor sports, especially with his dog Lily, who’s making as much use of Dog Beach as possible (would you expect any less from a Lab?). Evan credits natural foods and supplements for helping Lily with her early allergy symptoms.


Customer Consultant
Vicki comes from Cumberland, ME and has been enjoying the temperate weather of Encinitas since 2011. She has always been drawn to alternative health for people and pets, and has learned about many holistic modalities over the years by using them at home with herself and her own horses, dogs, and cats. She worked as a Chiropractic assistant and connected with a DC who worked on horses on the side long before it was considered a benefit to animals.  She has studied with Linda Tellington-Jones, using TTeam/TTouch on her own horses and dogs. Her current housemates are Isaac, a 9 year old deaf terrier mix from the South, and Cherokee, a 6 year old Bassett/Cattle dog mix rescued from Arkansas.  They don’t miss snow either.


Customer Consultant
Rina’s been animal crazy all of her life, and has committed much energy to helping them, from fostering for rescue groups to getting certified in animal CPR. She’s also a Healing Touch for Animals practitioner. She has a posse of dogs at home: Muffin, Amani, Brianna, and Coco Chanel, all adopted from area shelters. You can see why she’s such a great addition to our staff!


Customer Consultant
This California native loves animals so much she spent time volunteering at animal sanctuaries while travelling through Southeast Asia. Her own dog Kona couldn’t come on that trip, but has been on the go with Micaela throughout the U.S. and Mexico.


Customer Consultant
Jackie was born and raised in San Diego, and has always had an outpouring of love for animals. She has knowledge of pet nutrition, and a passion for improving the lives of our pets. Jackie was a rep for a holistic pet food company, and came to us from a smaller natural pet food store. She has 2 human children, and 5 fur-baby rescues of her own….3 cats and 2 dogs. Although she has has her hands full with her personal zoo, Jackie wouldn’t have it any other way.


Customer Consultant
Austin comes to us with experience in the pet world and truly enjoys helping pets live a healthier life. She has an energetic wheaten terrier named Paislie, and  a young husky mix named Galaxy. When not spending time with her dogs she enjoys gardening and making dog accessories. You can see why she’s such a good fit for Dexter’s!


Customer Consultant
Originally from Wisconsin, Joe enjoys spending time outdoors hunting, fishing, and hiking. He is a certified dog trainer and loves helping pets and their families! His love for science led him to complete his bachelor’s degree in biology with a focus on ecology and animal science. Throughout his professional life he has gained vast experience as a kennel technician, veterinary assistant, dog trainer, and kennel manager.


Customer Consultant
Born and raised in Southern California Kaitlyn’s always had a love for animals and their well-being. She began training dogs after graduating high school, as well as becoming a veterinary assistant. As soon as she got animals of her own feeding a species appropriate diet was priority #1. “I can see what a difference it makes in their health and I love to share that with other pet owners.”  In her down time she loves to be with her small “herd” made up of two dogs and two cats, who love keeping her on her toes.


Customer Consultant
Originally from El Paso, Texas, Lisa has been a dog owner her whole life, but it wasn’t until last year that she rescued her own four-legged best friend Olive from the San Diego Humane Society. The two enjoy hiking, exploring San Diego and trying new (dog-friendly) restaurants. Before her time at Dexter’s Deli, Lisa was a pet technician at a locally owned doggie daycare, overseeing the play time of 60+ dogs on any given day. Lisa looks forward to strengthening her knowledge about pet health and nutrition while offering her own pet experiences to customers in need of a helping hand. If Lisa is not adventure-seeking with Olive, you can find her making art of the two-dimensional kind.


Customer Consultant
Miguel is a true Southern California local. He enjoys  the outdoors and hiking even when his dog Cookie wants to be carried after the first ten minutes. Before coming to Dexter’s he had the fun and busy job of caring for golden retriever puppies.


Customer Consultant
Jodi is a San Diego local and longtime animal lover. She learned much of her holistic perspective working with her husband, an acupuncturist for people. She’s at Dexter’s now because she decided it was the perfect place to combine her holistic know-how with her passion for animals and she is now a certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist. She shares her home with four fluffy dogs, all with the wonderful poodle-y coat her allergic husband can cuddle.


Customer Consultant
Cricket comes to us from Texas where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science from Texas State and managed a health food store (for people) for several years. Now that she’s here in California she’s excited to be helping people’s pets have a healthier life through natural foods. She’s enjoying the California beaches with her Miniature Dachshund Lola Longbody who loves a good non-stop game of fetch on the sand.


Christine has been the bookkeeper for Dexter’s Deli since 1998.  She lives in Chicago to enjoy all that the big city has to offer, and she oversees Dexter’s books online with the assistance of Joyce in the Del Mar office.  Christine visits San Diego monthly to stay connected with Dexter’s and to love up her two shih tzu brothers, Kona & Hula (who chose to stay in the warm weather with their Dog-Daddy!)


A San Diego native, Joyce spent 20 years in the nonprofit arts world before becoming an independent contractor for Dexter’s.  When the opportunity arose to become part of the staff, serving as bookkeeper and liaison to the POS system, the quality of personnel and store values are what clinched the deal.  She’s happy to have kept her connections in the arts through her continuing work with the San Diego Guild of Puppetry and The Fern Street Circus.


Chief Dog In Residence
Tori adopted little Blueberry from Helen Woodward in 2013, where it was love at first sight and had an immediate connection. Blueberry was named by Tori’s son, Benjamin, when he was 6 yrs. – she let him name her and he said – “Blueberry! because I love Blueberries” – that’s what happens when kids name pets; the name stuck and fits her perfectly -and- she loves blueberries too. Blueberry has the feisty personality of a true terrier and happily eats all the natural fare offered here at the stores and loves going to dog beach to play fetch-it ball – Tori thinks she may just be the fastest on the beach.


The store mascot and “true” owner of Dexter’s Deli, passed away in December, 2010 at the age of 17.
Dexter was a beautiful soul. He had a blessed life, starting out as an adopted pound puppy from Missouri and becoming the mascot for his own natural pet stores. Dexter had a spirit for adventure and a zest for life that carried him all the way to the end. Not only was he a loyal companion to Tori and her family, he was a teacher for all of us, our lives and our pet’s lives all the richer because of his flame. What a life he had, one of fun and silly Dexter moments, and his role as a trailblazer and living affirmation of the magnificent force of the holistic human/animal experience. Dexter will be forever sewn into our hearts and we are all so very grateful to of had him touch our lives.


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