The Truth Hurts But The Lies Can Kill

It has been challenging trying to navigate the murky division between fact and fiction in regards to the pentobarbital discovered in both the Evangers and Party Animal brands of canned pet food. The scope of the Evangers tainted meat is painful, not only for the loss of pet’s lives and health, but the loss of trust we put in these companies. Because Evangers packages other pet food brands that Dexter’s Deli …

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Seasonal Allergies – More Than Skin Deep

Itchy Skin, Hot Spots, Rashes, Runny Nose, Goopy Eyes, Ear Infections, Digestive Upset, Inflammation, “Just not right!” If your pet suffers from any of these problems they will benefit from some specific supplements and diet improvements. Come in to Dexter’s Deli for help! HOW THE HEALTH OF THE LIVER IMPACTS EVERYTHING ELSE The liver is arguably the most important organ of the body for maintaining basic health. It is responsible …

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