Feeding Senior Pets: the basics

SENIOR FOOD? There actually isn’t a scientific basis for “senior” diets. The goal of feeding an older animal is to ensure there is plenty of highly digestible protein, sufficient fiber, proper fat levels, and supplements that reduce inflammation and increase immunity. PREVENTING OBESITY This is one of the most common problems in older pets, and one of the most preventable. As animals age their metabolism slows down, so they require fewer …

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Helping Snowball Recover From Abuse

The community is coming together to help a dog in need. Snowball was terribly abused, and Dexter’s Deli in Carlsbad has made September Snowball’s month by accepting donations to help with his medical care as he recovers. Snowball came into the local shelter doused in Pine Sol. He had a toxic reaction to the chemical cleaner and was temporarily blinded, howling at the walls from pain and disorientation. He also had …

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