Dexter’s Deli is Tweeting!

Dexter’s Deli is Tweeting! We know that dogs don’t normally tweet, but we also know that you want to stay up do date with news from our store. We’ll let you know about special deals, the latest health information for your pet, new products, and stories from the store. Follow us at

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Get Your Pet’s Vaccine Titer Checked

Get Your Pet’s Vaccine Titer Checked Saturday, February 7th, Dr. Tamara Hebbler will be having Titer Clinic in Solana Beach from 12:00pm- 2:00pm. What’s a titer test? It can help indicate whether your pet is still protected by past vaccinations, giving you valuable information to help you decide about future vaccinations. Over-vaccination may be the cause of chronic health problems in some dogs, and titer testing can help you. The …

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